A letter from the CEO

Thankyou for Checking Out Curly Fit Official!
I'm Sasha, the founder of  Curly Fit Official, a small family business established here in beautiful California. CFO was designed for curly girls BY a curly girl to help individuals find their confidence by turning their everyday hairstyle or struggle into something that embraces your curls.


I started Curly Fit Official because I wanted to really reach out to the community and offer something really trendy and simple. As a lazy natural & someone who has struggled from the beginning of their natural hair journey, I have always had the most important thing in mind when designing our accessories. Whether you are transitioning, protective styling, finessing a wash-n-go or just starting your #naturalhairjourney and don't know where to start, our products and designed for you! 

Our ultimate goal for Curly Fit Official is to motivate and inspire you to live an active lifestyle and CAPTIVATE your curls. Our small business is growing so much with the love and support of the curly community in these past few months. We are incredibly proud of everyone that allows us to be apart of their  journey.  


With Love,

Sasha, Founder of Curly Fit Official