Mix & Match- 2 Pack + Satin Lined Headband

Mix & Match- 2 Pack + Satin Lined Headband

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Why get 1 when you can get two! 

Our satin lining helps prevent hair breakage and damage caused by traditional caps, while the backless design allows you to show off your hairstyles without sacrificing protection. These caps are perfect for all hair types, from natural curls and even sleek straight locks.

As a bonus, each pack comes with a free oversized satin scrunchie! This scrunchie is perfect for completing your look or using in combination with the backless cap to provide even more protection for your hair.

Upgrade your hair game with our 3 pack of satin lined backless caps and enjoy the benefits of both style and protection.


*Free Satin Lined Headband is chosen randomly while supplies last. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sabrina P
No More Split Ends!

The satin lining's ability to reduce friction has significantly decreased the number of split ends in my hair.

Mia A.
Curls Protected and Styled

This hat not only protects my curls during workouts but also keeps them stylishly in place. A win-win for sure!

Gina G.
Curls + Workout + Curly Fit Officials = Perfection

I'm obsessed with how these hats keep my hair in check! My hair stays frizz-free during even the most intense workouts.


I'll never go back to regular hats. Curly Fit Officials has won me over completely.


I really like the cap. I don't have curly hair, but I do have locs. It's good quality & structured well. The satin lining is a saving grace for my locs on this Florida heat!