Satin Lined Headbands- 3 PACK

Satin Lined Headbands- 3 PACK

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Upgrade your headband game with a triple threat of satin-lined goodness - get the 3 pack now!

These headbands are a must-have accessory for anyone with curly hair looking for a stylish and practical solution to keeping their hair under control.

Our Satin Lined Headbands are:

  • Designed to prevent breakage & frizz
  • Be gentle on hair, reduce friction and help maintain the natural moisture balance in your locks.
  • Be adjustable, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your head size and hair volume.
  • Structured with an elastic band that is gentle yet secure, so you can wear the headband all day without any discomfort or slipping.

This set comes with each color available: Cloud, Barbie and Lila! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kiara P.
Happy Curls, Happy Workouts

This headband makes my workouts happier because my curls stay happy too! It's a reliable workout partner for curly hair care.

Michelle P.
Curls Stay Controlled During HIIT

Even during high-intensity interval training, my curls stay controlled, thanks to Curly Fit Officials' headbands.

Brianna D.
Perfectly Paired with My Sweat Session

I've found the perfect accessory to pair with my sweat sessions. Curly Fit Officials' headbands are an absolute blessing!

Every Curl's Dream

These headbands are every curl's dream come true. I can't imagine my hair routine without them.

So great!

These satin lined headbands are fabulous! I wore one on a hike and it didn’t slip off or cause my waves and curls any damage. Plus they didn’t give me a headache! I’d love to see these in more colors, maybe vibrant jewel tones? 10/10!